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4 april 2024

Your voice matters at the VNC

As cabin crew, your needs are our priority. Our VNC Dutch Works Council (DWC) members advocate for issues that directly affect you, such as your working conditions onboard. We have 6 outstanding VNC candidates who are ready to receive your vote! Ensure they can speak, negotiate, and deliver improvements that truly benefit you.

Whether it’s your schedule, finding a healthy work-life balance, or fostering a positive atmosphere for your colleagues; we’re committed to your work satisfaction!

Thank you in advance!
Farah van Keeken and Dino Brunst
VNC easyJet section board members

Our VNC candidates:

no. 1
Diane van den Berg

Cabin Crew

I joined AMS base in May 2019. As a passionate member of our base, I am committed to championing the interests of my colleagues and contributing to an uplifting work atmosphere.

By stepping into the role of DWC representative, I aim to actively participate in enhancing our working conditions and fostering seamless communication between management and employees. This is very important to nurture a strong culture of transparency and teamwork. My background in aviation, dedication to my role in easyJet and understanding of our unique dynamics within our industry positions me to represent the voices of my colleagues and propel us towards greater heights in our shared journey.

no. 2
Lynn ’t Hart

Cabin Manager and Crew
Training Instructor Flexi

I have been employed with easyJet in Amsterdam for 9 years. When the opportunity to put myself up for candidacy for the DWC was presented to me, I immediately felt that I can make a positive impact on our base and crew.

I see a long future for myself and many here at easyJet. During this time I would like to put my energy towards improving our workplace. Not just for the cabin crew, but for all employees in Amsterdam. The DWC often faces the challenge to balance the interests of their constituents and the company. This is a challenge I am passionately looking forward to face as your DWC representative!

no. 3
Gloria Michelle Olmi

Cabin Manager, Cabin Crew Line Trainer and Crew Training Instructor Flexi

My aviation career started 16 years ago. The last ten years I have been happily employed at easyJet. I have seen AMS base change and grow and always put my heart in understanding, supporting and representing the needs and concerns of my colleagues. For this reasons, I would love to represent you in the DWC.

I truly believe that the DWC is the bridge between the employees and the company, which enables the company to get a better feel of the views and sentiments of its employees. I look forward to use my experience, skills and devotion to represent your interests in the DWC and to improve our workplace.

no. 4
Malcolm Schwidder

Cabin Crew

I joined easyJet Amsterdam in 2015 during the opening of the base. I left in 2017 and rejoined in 2022. I have a lot of experience as a Works Council representative in the last 20 years, as I have been on multiple Work Councils, including the easyJet DWC in 2016/2017.

I’m running for representative, as I see participation in the DWC as a unique opportunity to participate and influence decisions that affect the entire Amsterdam base. It is not just about personal ambition, but also about representing the voice of my own constituency (Cabin Crew) and contributing to the future of the base. It is an opportunity to develop and grow on a personal level, whilst contributing to a better workplace for all employees.

no. 5
Victor Spier

Cabin Manager and Crew Training Instructor Flexi

Throughout my tenure at easyJet, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of fostering a supportive and empowering work environment. My passion for improving working conditions stems from a genuine concern for the welfare of our crew.

I firmly believe that prioritizing the human element of our roles not only enhances employee satisfaction, but also strengthens the overall performance and resilience of the organization. My professional journey has equipped me with a diverse skill set and a proactive attitude, both of which I believe are essential for effective representation on the DWC. I am committed to upholding the highest standards of communication, ensuring that the voices and concerns of our fellow crew members are heard and addressed in a timely and respectful manner.

no. 6
Antoinette Weegman

Cabin Manager

In February 2016 I joined AMS base. I have been and still work with great pleasure and pride as Cabin Manager for easyJet.

I believe that I can make a difference as a DWC representative in our Amsterdam base. I am inquisitive by nature, openminded, and have a strong set of core values. I’m convinced that with my strong sense of integrity, passion, analytical skills, and ability to form and substantiate an opinion o n important decisions I am able to make a difference for my colleagues in Amsterdam, whilst protecting and representing your interests!

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