Flying since: January 2016
Function on board: Cabin Manager

I’ve been flying for easyJet for two years now and I absolutely love our job. My motivation to apply for the Works Council is driven by my enthusiasm to make easyJet even better. Also, I would like to understand the organization a bit better.
The Works Council is the place where representatives from various departments of easyJet meet with management. To improve EasyJet and let them company continue to be a great employer, it’s vital that cabin crew are well represented in the Works Council. I’m looking forward to representing cabin crew colleagues in Amsterdam.  

My goal is to be as approachable as possible, so I can use feedback from fellow colleagues to address issues in the Works Council.

Why me?
I am a good listener, but I am not afraid to express my point of view when necessary. I can analyze problems in the organization and propose solutions.

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

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