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  • Renold (Rey) Revales
Flying since: 1998
Function: Cabin Manager

It would be a great honour to serve the AMS base community on the works council. My experience and set of skills would be of great use in this function. I see this as a great opportunity to help shape the future of our base and to ensure that every voice is heard and considered when it comes to important decisions that affect our work life and our working conditions.

If elected, one of my goals would be to look at roster patterns that contribute to fatigue and try to eliminate these factors. Another goal would be trying to achieve more roster stability, which would help improve our work-life balance

Why me?
I’m an all round individual who is passionate, driven and solution-focused. I have thirty years of experience in the aviation industry, twenty of which were spent flying. I also have an aviation degree which helped me maintain a open view of the industry as a whole. In anything I do I try to strike a balance between what is desired and what is possible and find a happy compromise.

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

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