Representation Works Council (OR)
In the easyJet Works Council, the VNC is represented by Amanda van der Meeren, Christine Smeets-Scheibe, Patrick la Lau en Thomas Blom. Our union is not a national but a so-called categorical union. This has the great advantage that we can focus solely on the interests of cabin crew. We do not have to face any conflicting business with other divisions within the company. We fully suport cabin crew! Even though the unions are the candidate parties in the OR, the OR has its own autonomous responsibility and competence and therefore operates as an independent body. Consultation with the party members is of great significance. The topics discussed in the OR are often of a general nature and usually involve cabin matters.

The cabin crew OR group regularly meets to discuss the agenda for the autonomous OR meeting. This sets out views on the current agenda items. The OR tries to reach a well-considered judgement. This is very difficult, so it is important that your representatives are supported by as many members as possible. This can be done via VNC membership, but also with input from practice.

Input and / or questions for the easyJet OR group please email to:

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