Why join the VNC?
Through your membership you'll help to strengthen our position at the negotiating table when we negotiate
Collective Bargaining Agreements. A good Collective Bargaining Agreement is of enormous value to all
colleagues and is essential to be able to continue to exercise your profession. Since 1946 the VNC has
been the reliable association for all Dutch cabin crew members, providing excellent services and support.
VNC members who have supported us over the years in creating and maintaining pleasant working condi-
tions, can tell you first hand how important that is! We strive hard to maintain and improve the many and
varied aspects of our job which we encounter during our flying careers. Our board members are
committed to you and enter into negotiations with the company based on solid arguments, a persevering
approach and they do not avoid a heated discussion with the company when this becomes necessary.

And do you know what makes the VNC so special? It is an association for and by cabin crew members.
Members of our board are cabin crew members too and so know exactly which issues may cross your path.
Lines of communication are short, contact is personal and advice is both practical and targeted.  Further-
more, the VNC can always be contacted. This is most important for those working through  continually
changing international time zones and employed in a highly mobile profession.  Take advantage of our
knowledge and strategy, join!

The membership fee is set at a rate of 0,75% of your gross salary per month.

Our services and attractive discounts for our members:   
* Information "hot off the press" via social media, website and direct mailings;
* Legal aid from solicitors and assistance from VNC board members;
* Correct and quick answers to your work related questions;
* Professional tax consultancy services;
* VNC Car Plan: a brand new car for a fixed monthly fee;
* discount at babysit 'Madelief';
* discount at travelbags.com;
* ONVZ health insurance (Dutch citizens only).


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