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  • Farah van Keeken
Function: Cabin manager
Flying since: March 2012, with easyJet since February 2015

I’m a very driven, passionate and motivated cabin crew member and I strive to ensure that working conditions allow myself but also my colleagues to perform at the best of our capabilities.

To work with easyJet towards an always improving AMS base, where openness is key and making things easy is at everybody’s interest.

Why me?
I’ve been with the Works Council for the past half year and I truly enjoy it. It’s been great to see a different side of easyJet, I would love to continue my work and keep learning. I believe I’ve always been able to actively listen and make well advised decisions and am sure I can continue to do so.

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

Constellation Building
Stationsplein N.O. 406
1117 CL Schiphol-Oost

+31 (0)20 - 50 20 480
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