easyJet update January

29 januari 2024

We hope that you all have had a pleasant start of the new year. As what seems like the longest month is (finally) coming to an end it is time to update our membership on some important matters that have taken place in the last few weeks.

Backpay temporary pay uplift new entrants
The temporary pay deal adjustment under protocol 6 which we have successfully negotiated last year has not been paid to new entrants on their November and December 2023 pays lip. We have reached out to easyJet and all crew impacted will receive backpay in their January pay slip. You will receive an email from easyJet payroll about this additional pay element on your pay slip.

Your January 2024 pay slip
In the last week we have received questions from our members regarding their January pay slip and the new CLA. Your pay slip will reflect the payrates from protocol 6 which officially ended on the 31st of December. As the changes to our pay structure are significant from a payroll perspective, the implementation takes approximately 3 months. Therefore, in your February pay slip you will receive backpay from January 1, 2024. As soon as the information of the February pay slips is known, we will communicate this to our membership.

VNC EZY AMS Pay calculator
It has been brought to our attention that there was a glitch in the VNC EZY AMS pay calculator. This has now been sorted and the pay calculator reflects all the pay elements of the new CLA. You can find the pay calculator via this link.

Dutch Works Council elections April 2024
On the 15th of June 2024 the current term of the Dutch Works Council will come to an end. All of the domains of the DWC (Pilots, M&A and Cabin crew) will be up for election. The unions get the opportunity to put candidates forwards for the DWC elections which will take place from 22 to 29 April 2024.
The DWC is an internal body representing, promoting and protecting the interest of the employees in their working environment. The rules concerning the Works Council’s rights and responsibilities are described in the Dutch Works Councils Act, the WOR. In the upcoming weeks the VNC will update you on everything that is related to the DWC elections.

Are you the Works Council representative that we are looking for?

Send us an email to sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl if you have any questions about the DWC and candidacy for the upcoming elections.

Renewal medical certificate
In the upcoming months a lot of cabin crew will need to renew their medical certification. We have received some questions regarding the renewal process, and we will address these in this newsletter. In section 5.8 of the CLA you can find all information needed on the renewal of your medical certificate. It is our responsibility as cabin crew to hold a valid medical certificate. It is expected of crew to schedule their medical in their own time. We are aware of the fact that Aviation Medical has a limited amount of slots available to schedule your medical. Therefore, we do advise you to schedule your medical well in advance. AMS base management has access to unpublished rosters and can inform you about your future days off and help you look for a suitable solution. It is not permitted to schedule an appoint on published roster duty day as easyJet will not be able to provide roster release. For more information refer to the ‘Medical expiry reminder’ from easyJet for full details.  

Farah van Keeken & Dino Brunst
VNC easyJet board