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Section board

The section board – both of whom also fly themselves –  are elected for a period of four years. They consult with the relevant airlines and are responsible for good working conditions and agreements for cabin crew. Board members also provide support to individual members who encounter problems in areas such as employment conditions, health and reintegration. Each section board delegates board members for the General Board.

  • Farah van Keeken

    Voorzitter easyJet sectie

  • Dino Brunst

    Secretaris easyJet sectie


Works Council (OR)

The cabin crew is represented in the Works Council (OR). EasyJet is obliged to set up such consultancy structures between company management and staff under the WOR Act. The OR will consult with the easyJet management on matters that concern easyJet.

Input and/or questions for the works council of easyJet can be mailed