easyJet cabin report August

25 augustus 2023

Summer is in full swing and we are happy that the rosters of our AMS based crew are more balanced and stable than last years summer season. Recruitment for the upcoming season has come to an end and in the coming months we will be welcoming around 50 new crew members to the base. We are certain that all of our member will give them a warm easyJet AMS welcome!

Yesterday we had our monthly meeting with the company. The monthly meeting gives us the opportunity to have an in depth discussion with AMS base management about issues that may be of concern to our members and the union. We will take you through a few items that have been discussed this month.

Upcoming CLA negotiations
We know you have all been waiting on an update in regard to the upcoming CLA negotiations. We have asked the easyJet delegation if they could give us a projected timeline. During the meeting we have received an invitation to send our proposal letter to the company. As of now the negotiation team is aiming to start the negotiations mid-September.

We have shared our proposal letter that we have sent to easyJet in April of this year with our members. On Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th of August we organized two live sessions in the VNC easyJet AMS Facebook group. Our aim for the sessions was to gage if our proposal letter still reflected your wishes for the new CLA. During these sessions our members have raised questions about the letter and shared their suggestions for the new proposal letter we will be writing shortly. The livestreams are still up and available for any member that was not able to join live. If you are not a member of the group yet, do not hesitate to join as we will be utilizing this platform to keep you up to date on anything related to the negotiations. Of course our (extra) newsletters will remain our main line of communication.

Pension update
In our previous newsletter we informed our members that after thorough consultation with easyJet and our pension consultant we have chosen BeFrank as our preferred pension provider. On Tuesday the 22nd of August all AMS cabin crew have received an invitation from BeFrank to set up their personalized pension page. If you have not received an invitation contact AMS base management.

Do you have work-related questions, are you looking for expert advice or a listening ear or do you want to spar about certain matters? We are ready to answer your questions and give advice where necessary, by phone or e-mail. We are happy to help you and are available 24/7.

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Farah van Keeken & Dino Brunst