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31 maart 2023

In this month’s newsletter we give you an update on the CLA sessions and items discussed during the March monthly meeting.  

CLA sessions
On March 9 and 20 we hosted CLA sessions. The sessions were well attended. Our members were able to voice their thoughts about the tentative agreements and share their input with us.
Important topics were basic pay increase and the length of the CLA. We identified which items are a priority to our membership. A lot of members have stated that they rather see a more substantial increase in basic pay. Items like DDO/IDO pay, night stop pay and other single pay items have a lower priority. 

The sickness pay as agreed in the first tentative CLA was also a part of the discussion. A lot of members have stated that they would like this to be a part of the next tentative CLA. 

Overall we can conclude that the CLA sessions were very productive and extremely valuable. We thank you for taking your time to join us and share your opinions with us.

CLA negotiations
At this point in time there is no news on when the CLA negotiations will resume. easyJet has recently announced that they will be recognizing the FNV as CLA partner. When they have come to an agreement in regard to the recognition of the FNV the negotiations will start again. We will of course keep our members informed if there is any news to share. 

Sickness protocol
Follow the correct procedures when reporting unfit due to sickness: 

– Contact crewing at the earliest opportunity, preferably via eCrew.
– You are only required to email base management if you are staying at a different address than the address that is listed in Workday.
– Recovered? Always send an email to amsabsence@easyjet.com to let base management know when you are returning to work. 

During your absence you can receive calls from management and/or employees from ArboNed. This is from a welfare perspective. You do not have to disclose your illness to management and they are not allowed to ask about it. Both base management and ArboNed may decide to visit you at your residence. Therefore it is important to have the correct address registered in Workday or email the base team your location.
More information on the sickness protocol can be found in the VNC easyJet CLA (Appendix 2 Sickness protocol). 

Leave lines June 2023
Keep an eye out on your vacation bidding! Next week the Leave team expects to be able to add lines of leave to the leave bank for both AMS CM’s and FA’s.  

VNC Cabaret: Vluchtgedrag!
On the 26th of March the VNC Cabaret Vluchtgedrag premiered! Both shows were sold out. Due to popular demand two extra shows have been scheduled on the 30th of April. Sign up for tickets for the 17.00 or 20.30 show. Be reminded that the show is in Dutch. We look forward to see a lot of our members at the cabaret!

Farah van Keeken and Dino Bruns
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