easyJet Background February 2023

25 februari 2023

Hi all, 

In this months newsletter we will give you an update on 

CLA negotiations
After the downvote of the tentative CLA we are currently analysing the data our members have shared with us and meeting with our advisors. As soon as our next meeting with easyJet is scheduled we will inform you. Before we proceed with negotiations, we will schedule info sessions to engage in discussions about the CLA with you. 

Monthly meeting 

  • Leave
    On the 4th of February the Leave Open Phase was launched for all AMS cabin crew. We have received a lot of inquiries from our members in regard to bookable leave. A lot of you have mentioned that the possibility to book leave was very limited. We understand that this is concerning, and we have raised this during our monthly meeting with AMS management.
    During the bidding phase over 85% of crew were able to secure one or more bids, resulting in less bookable leave in the initial stages of the open phase. We have requested more information on leave becoming available. easyJet has stated that in the coming period we will be welcoming new crew members, which will result in more leave lines to be added to your leave bank. We will keep you updated as we will stay closely in touch with easyJet about this matter. For now we advise to regularly check the leave page to see is your preferred leave has become available.
  • SPL operations
    The airport management of Schiphol has announced that in the period between March and May 2023 Schiphol will limit the number of passengers by 5%. The VNC of course wants to ensure that this will not impact the AMS operations and your rosters and has therefore raised this with AMS management. easyJet has stated that the reduction of passengers will not have impact on the AMS operations.
  • iPad replacement
    The replacement of the company Ipads is in full swing. The majority of Cabin Managers and Cabin Manager uprankers have already received their new devices. If you have not replaced your iPad, please make your way to the base team to handover your old device and receive the new replacement model. Information about setting up your new iPad can be found on Docunet and the base team is also available for support. 

Free tax assistance for VNC members
Tax season is approaching again: everyone must have completed their tax return before the 14th of July 2023 but we offer our services until may 1. Fortunately, VNC members do not have to puzzle over the correct course of their tax return: our expert tax consultant Jeroen van der Steen is happy to help VNC members, for free. From March 1, Jeroen will be present at the office at set times to assist you with your tax return and answer all your tax-related questions. 

Make an appointment online
Making a tax appointment is very easy! Click >here< to access the digital VNC tax calendar, where you can choose the date and time (from 1 March to 1 May). Fill in your details and you will automatically receive a confirmation email. It is in Dutch, if you need assistance, please let us know. Of course, you can also contact our secretaries by phone on 020-5020480 to make a tax appointment. 

Please note: during this period, Jeroen only files income tax returns. 

Paper order
After you have made an appointment, you will receive – digitally – information about what you need when you visit the VNC tax consultant. Our advice is to read this carefully beforehand. If you do not have all the supporting information and papers, we will unfortunately not be able to provide you with the best possible service. Your yearly tax statement can be found on Workday under documents. Are you unable to keep an appointment? Pass this on as soon as possible by telephone to the VNC secretary: 020-5020480, outside office hours you can leave a message.  

Request a postponement
Are you unable to complete your tax return before the mandatory submission date of July 14, 2023? Then request an extension from the tax authorities as soon as possible, telephone no. 0800-0543 and keep your BSN at hand. A statement of reasons is not necessary. <<< 

Dino Brunst & Farah van Keeken