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We look back on a challenging year for us all in the AMS base and the entire world. We rose from the COVID ashes only to stumble into new setbacks, but we can always count on each other to get through it and look towards a brighter 2023. The new year will see further working conditions improvement and welcoming more new colleagues to our base and we thank you for your input, presence, and interaction during the various moments we had to discuss our future CLA. 

We extend a special thank you to all the members that have continuously shown and expressed their support to us and the section. It is because of you that we stay motivated to protect your rights and keep fighting for better working conditions. 

We look forward to what next year has in store for us and are happy to still have so many of you by our side. We are the strongest together and couldn't do it without you. 
We wish you, your family and everyone you love warm wishes for this festive season and a healthy and joyous new year. 

We remain available for anything you may need via our usual channels. 

 Thank you,

Farah and Dino



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