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Hi all,

Happy October! Autumn has made it’s arrival. The temperature outside is slowly but surely dropping and the days are getting shorter. Please take proper precautions when making your commute to work. Due to the changing weather the tarmac and aircraft stairs may be slippery, so keep an eye out for your safety and the safety of your fellow crew and passengers.

September Monthly meeting
Last Thursday we have had our monthly meeting with the company and we are going to update you on the most important topics that we have discussed during this meeting.

Cancellations SPL
Some of our members have noticed some changes in their rosters in the last few weeks. Duties have been removed from rosters and have been replaced with standby’s. This is due to the cancellations of sectors enforced by Schiphol. The reason for the cancellations is reduced capacity at security. easyJet is disappointed by this decision and the VNC shares the same sentiment. We have made clear that we do not want our members to be disadvantaged by a decision that has been made beyond their control. The talks between Schiphol and easyJet about the cancellations are ongoing and we have made an agreement with the company that we will be kept in the loop whilst we are looking for a solution for our members.

Extension of lost commission payment
The VNC has requested commission data from easyJet as we have had several complaints from our members in regard to low bar stock. The company has stated that they do not have data that backs up the claim from our members that the stock in your bars is not sufficient. Therefore we urgently ask all of our members to properly log their missed sales on every sector that you operate. You can log your missed sales once at the end of every sector, prior to switching your devices to the next sector you will be operating. If you have any questions about the logging of missed sales please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Progression of CLA proposal
As most of our members know by now in these last few weeks we have been busy with gathering and analysing information and data for the next CLA proposal. We have spoken to several experts about current trends, future projections, pension, valuation and much more. This has given us a good insight on how to move forward as we are getting to the final stages of our research.

We could not have done all of this without the input from our members. We want to thank all of our members for taking their time to fill out the surveys, sending in your questions and suggestions and participating during our livestreams on Facebook. It is greatly appreciated and we look forward to receiving more input from our members.

To ensure that we get a full grasp on your preferences for the next CLA we have created another survey. Use this link to fill out this survey where we ask our members to give us a top 5 of your most important items for the next CLA. Feel free to use the open comment section in the survey for further suggestions and comments. All of our surveys are conducted and analysed anonymously.

Please keep an eye out on your email and our Facebook group for an announcement of the
presentation of our CLA proposal.

VNC easyJet Info WhatsApp group
In approach to the upcoming CLA negotiations we will open two receiving only WhatsApp groups for members of the easyJet section. One in Dutch and one in English. The goal of these WhatsApp groups is to relay information quickly to our members. Membership for the WhatsApp groups is by invitation only per request of our members. If you would like to join the VNC easyJet Info WhatsApp group feel free to subscribe via this link. We want to reiterate that the WhatsApp groups are in addition to our current communication channels.

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