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Hi all,

Welcome to all of our new members! We are very happy to have you here and we look forward to meeting you all in the near future. A big thank you to Farah Dhauri for representing the VNC during the base days in July.
In this month’s newsletter we will update you on a few items that have been discussed during our monthly meeting with the company and other matters that are of importance for our membership.

Monthly meeting
- Bespoke rosters
We have received signals from members on bespoke rosters that crewing officers are not adhering to the memo’s that have been placed on your rosters. When being called out of standby for a duty that does not reflect the limitations of your bespoke roster, inform the crewing officer involved. Any code they may put on your roster will be changed by management once you have informed them about the incident. Feel free to contact us if you face any issues resolving this matter.

- Contacting AMS base management (email trial)
From the 1st of August AMS management will run a trial for three months with new email inboxes. For each community (pilots and cabin crew) there is a separate inbox and an inbox for absence and return to work reporting. Please remember that you always have to report absence via crewing (e-crew portal or by phone) and base management.

AMS Cabin crew inbox:

Cabin Crew and pilot absence and return to work inbox:

For more information about the email trial check the AMS Base update in Your Weekly Newsletter.

Crew commission
The company has faced some challenges with switching from inflight retail partners. In an effort to sort these problems DNATA has requested a temporary change in the cut off dates for your commission payments. This enables DNATA to optimize the commission process from January 2023.

The dates are as follows:

Commission period
July 2022
1 -27 July 2022
August 2022
28 July - 27 August 2022
September 2022
28 August - 27 September 2022
October 2022
28 September - 27 October 2022
November 2022
28 October - 27 November 2022
December 2022
28 November - 27 December 2022

Please be reminded that commission is paid one month in arrears.

Transfer list
The transfer list is now open for registration for Summer 23. All cabin crew that are eligible for transfer can apply by filling out the online form (Base Transfer Request) which can be found on the Connected Portal.

Addition to easyJet section team
As most of you know in a few months from now the negotiations for the next CLA will commence. During the negotiations we will  of course still be available for individual advocacy and questions related to your employment. To ensure that your day to day questions and requests still get picked up in a timely manner we will be adding a third member to the section (kaderlid). Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook group and your email for more information.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Board members easyJet section
Farah van Keeken and Dino Brunst

+31 6 48 17 55 96
FB: VNC easyJet AMS Cabin Crew


Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

Constellation Building
Stationsplein N.O. 406
1117 CL Schiphol-Oost

+31 (0)20 - 50 20 480
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