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  • Christine Smeets-Scheibe
Flying since: february 2015
Function on board: Cabin Manager

I would like to extend my current position within the easyjet Works Council because I am really happy to represent my colleagues from the Amsterdam Base. It is very important that the Works Council contributes to a nice and safe working environment, where every single cabincrew member can enjoy their passion about flying.

My goals within the Amsterdam Works Council are to keep everyone well informed about things going on at the Base and to be open, honest and approachable for everyone at any time to discuss any topic.

Why me?
I have a couple of years work experience within easyjet and before that for other big international companies.
In the past I was a member of the works council too when I worked in Germany for a steel trade company. So I bring a lot of important elements with me to represent my colleagues in an excellent way within the easyJet works council. I will do my best to continue the productive work that is already being done within the current works council team.

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

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