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Motivation Christine Smeets-Scheibe

Flying since: February 2015
Function on board: Cabin Manager

It would be fantastic to represent the interests and ideas of all easyjet cabin crew in the Amsterdam Base.
It is really important to me to listen to people's questions, to transfer their feelings and wishes towards the union and easyjet management. And it is important to me to reach goals which are in place already and which have to be set for the future.
Why me?
I am an experienced easyJet employee and I have worked for different international companies as well. I guarantee to try to do everything within my power and ability to have a good ongoing CLA for now and to make it even better for everyone flying from Amsterdam in the future.
Why do people have to vote for you?
I am entering this candidacy as a highly motivated colleague who will do her best to make your easyJet life “easier” and better!

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

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