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  • Amanda van der Meeren
Flying since: 2011
Function: Cabin Attendant

Before easyjet I worked as a cabin crew member for both Emirates and Transavia. I have a total of almost 7 years of flying experience. I learned a lot about work environments with different companies and different cultures, just like we have many different cultures at easyJet here in Amsterdam.

Working irregularly with all the inherent stress that can bring, is something I am more than familiar with. We need cabin crew in the Works Council who know how important this is and how we, together with the company, can work to create a better balance.
We need to communicate and make agreements to make Amsterdam the base we are proud of. There needs to be a more open communication with the company and the bullying and rumors that are rampant in the base need to be stopped. Open communication with all employees is important and we need to be heard.

Why me?
This is why I am putting myself out here as a candidate for the Works Council.

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

Constellation Building
Stationsplein N.O. 406
1117 CL Schiphol-Oost

+31 (0)20 - 50 20 480
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