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VNC en easyJet dichtbij presentatie cao voorstel

31 jan. 2018
Vandaag zijn de onderhandelaars van easyJet en de VNC tot een voorlopig voorstel gekomen voor een nieuwe cao voor de Amsterdamse basis. Er moeten nog enkele details uitgewerkt worden waarna het voorstel ter goedkeuring zal worden voorgelegd aan de VNC leden.

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VNC and easyJet close to presenting CLA proposal

Today, the negotiators of easyJet and the VNC have come to a tentative proposal to implement a new CLA for the Amsterdam Cabin Crew Members. There are a few details still to be worked through, after which approval procedures will be initiated within EasyJet. The VNC will continue dialogue with the company during this process.
Details of the full agreement will follow with the following timetable:
The proposal will go for approval within easyJet by no later than February 9th 2018, after which it will be forwarded to the VNC. On February 13, 15, 19 and 21 we expect to hold information sessions which will be held at the VNC offices where the full details of the CLA will be discussed and presented to the VNC members. We expect voting on the new CLA will commence on February 22nd and will last until February 27th at 2pm, at which time, during the membership meeting on that same date, the results of the election will be made public.
Full details of this tentative proposal will not be made public until the approval process within easyJet has been carried out, we expect it will be made public on February 12th 2018

Ron Sneijder
Voorzitter easyjet sectie VNC

Davy Haverhals
Secretaris easyjet sectie VNC

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