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31 mrt. 2020
De telefoon staat niet stil bij de VNC en de e-mail inboxen lopen over bij alle secties, zo ook bij easyJet. We hebben de meest gestelde vragen op een rij gezet en beantwoord, in het Engels, zodat ze voor iedereen toegankelijk zijn.

We are receiving lots of queries in regards to leave, salary, parttime requests, rosters, re-current training and ancillary jobs. We understand that you have a lot of questions during these unprecedented times and to help you all out we have comprised a Q&A. If you have any other questions that have not been listed in this Q&A feel free to email us at: sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl

The Q&A will be updated to keep you all informed.

Salary / Ancillary jobs

Q: How much salary will I receive under the NOW measure?
A: The intent of easyJet is to pay your normal salary (base and sector pay)

Q: I am on long time sickness (LTS). How much salary will I receive under the NOW measure?
A: There is no difference for you at this time

Q: Will I receive my full salary if this crisis takes longer than 3 months?
A: The NOW measure is initially for 3 months (March – May), with an extension of another 3 months

Q: I am an FA and I have been upranking a few times in these past few months. Will this be taken into account for the calculation of my salary under the NOW measure?
A: Currently you would receive pay as a FA. We are still in discussion with easyJet on this matter

Q: Whilst we are grounded I would like to temporarily work for another employer to keep myself busy. Will this have any effect on my wages now that easyJet will be applying for the NOW measure?
A: According to the guidelines of the NOW measure that has been presented up to today there is no mention of ancillary jobs in regards to the wages of your primary job. Please be reminded that having multiple jobs can have fiscal and financial consequences.

Q: Do I have to inform easyJet of my ancillary job?
A: Yes, according to the CLA you have to inform easyJet of any ancillary jobs you wish to perform.

Q: With the delay of the CLA from April 1 to July 1, will we receive back pay for this time?
A: The new CLA will still start on April 1, 2020, but your new pay will start on July 1. There will be no back pay over the period of April to June

Q: Will we still receive our annual holiday pay (vakantiegeld) in May
A: Yes, you will still receive this as scheduled

Leave / GDO

Q: I have booked leave for the coming months, will I be able to remove my leave from Vacation Bidding?
A: You can remove any leave days from Vacation Bidding that are not on your published roster and allocate them on any other available days.

Q: I have requested leave in April and I will not be able to go on vacation due to the spread of the Corona virus. Is it possible to remove my leave from my published roster?
A: We are currently in discussion to address this and see if they can restored

Q: I have booked GDO’s for April, May and June. Will I be able to remove them and allocate these on other available days?
A: For April they can’t be restored, for May and or June, email amshotdesk@easyjet.com

Q: I was supposed to be returning to work after maternity leave and I have requested pa-rental leave. Will I be able to cancel my request?
A: We are currently addressing this with easyJet. As soon as we receive an answer, we will update everyone


Q: What does CTB stand for?
A: CTB stands for ‘contactable’. In the unlikely event of having to operate a repatriation flight Crewing may call you to inform you about any changes to your roster. The changes are not for the day that Crewing contacts you.

Q: I still have duties on my roster for April, when will these be removed?
A: The Rostering and Crewing department have to manually change rosters for all crew in the network. This might take some time as they are currently understaffed due to the furlough measures in the UK. Please do not be alarmed as it will be taken care off.

Part time requests

Q: I have requested a part time pattern but I still have not received anything from base management about the status of my request. When will I know more?
A: Due to the furlough measures taken in the UK there is a limited amount of staff available to deal with any HR queries for at least the next two months. At this time we can not say when this will be picked up by HR.

Q: When will I able to request the part-time patterns we have agreed upon for the new CLA that is valid from April  1 2020?
A: Due to the furlough measures taken in the UK there is a limited amount of staff available to deal with any HR queries for at least the next two months. At this time we can not say when you will be able to request any of the new parttime patterns. As soon as this comes available we will let you know.


Q: I had my recurrent training scheduled for March/April/May and due to the measures taken to contain the Corona virus my training has been cancelled. My license is due to expire or already has expired. Will I be able to be operate if I get called for a repatriation flight?
A: All licenses of cabin crew that will be or already have expired will be extended with 4 months to ensure that all crew will be able to operate once easyJet starts to schedule flights.

Fixed term Contracts

Q: I am on a fixed term contract, will my contract be converted to a permanent contract now that our CLA start date has changed?
A: If you were on the list of the 23 crew with a fixed term contract, your contract will still be converted into a permanent contract, with a start date of April 1, 2020

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