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3 apr. 2020
De telefoon staat niet stil bij de VNC en de e-mail inboxen lopen over bij alle secties, zo ook bij Level Airlines. We hebben de meest gestelde vragen op een rij gezet en beantwoord, in het Engels, zodat ze voor iedereen toegankelijk zijn.

We are receiving lots of inqueries with regards to leave, sick benefits, salary, and ancillary jobs. We understand that you have a lot of questions during these unprecedented times and to help you all out we have comprised a Q&A. If you have any other questions that have not been listed in this Q&A feel free to email us at: levelairlines@vnconline.nl

Salary / Ancillary jobs

Q: How much salary will I receive under the NOW measure?
A: The measure calls for reimbursement to Level Airlines of 90% of your total salary, excluding sales commission. The measure was written with the intend to pay the employees 100%. We expect Level Airlines to pay 100% of your salary.

Q: I am currently at home sick. How much salary will I receive under the NOW measure?
A: The salary that you should receive is the same as usual. The NOW scheme is intended for companies to pay out the same salary as before the scheme was enacted.

Q: Will I receive my full salary if this crisis takes longer than 3 months?
A: The NOW measure is initially for 3 months (March – May), with an extension of another 3 months

Q: Whilst we are grounded I would like to temporarily work for another employer to keep myself busy. Will this have any effect on my wages now that my employer will be applying for the NOW measure?
A: According to the guidelines of the NOW measure that have been presented up to today there is no mention of ancillary jobs in regards to the wages of your primary job. Please be reminded that having multiple jobs can have fiscal and financial consequences.

Q: Do I have to inform Level Airlines of my ancillary job?
A: Yes, according to your current work rules /contract you have to inform Level Airlines of any ancillary jobs you wish to perform.

Leave / Job security

Q: I have booked leave for the coming months, will I be able to remove my vacation?
A: You can remove any leave days that are not on your published roster and allocate them on any other available days. Please follow the normal procedures that are currently in place.

Q: I have requested leave in April and I will not be able to go on vacation due to the spread of the Corona virus. Is it possible to remove my leave from my published roster?
A: Under normal circumstances you cannot remove a vacation that is scheduled on a published roster. The NOW regulation does not cater for this, either. However, since Level Airlines will be reimbursed for your salary, it would be a reasonable request from you to ask for your vacation to be deleted and given to you at a different time. This is however not required by law. As a comparison at other airlines, KLM also does not remove the vacations that are currently scheduled for April.

Q: Why are our colleagues in Vienna treated differently than us here in Amsterdam?
A: In Vienna they work under the Austrian contract and Austrian law. Here in the Netherlands, you also work under an Austrian contract, but with implied Dutch law, since you (and Level Airlines) are paying into the Dutch tax- and welfare system. Your Austrian colleagues will receive payments under the Austrian scheme.
These levels are as follows:
  • With a gross salary of up to 1,700, which is 90% of the previous net salary
  • With a gross salary of up to 2,685.00, amounting to 85% of the previous net salary
The average is calculated on the basis of the income of the last 13 weeks (this is the fixed salary + DHs + bonuses + BOB commission + any other allowances)

Q: I am on a permanent contract, and out on sick leave, can Level Airlines use this crisis to lay me off?
A: Under the current scheme in place, you cannot be laid off. The only people that are allowed to be laid off during the measures that are currently in place, are those whose fixed term contracts are expiring, or on the basis of other measures that are in place under your disciplinary process.

Q: Level Airlines has removed my vacation days from my roster for April. I did ask for this. Did I lose them or am I entitled to receive them back?
A: If you asked Level to remove the days, you are entitled to receive them back, since they are your days.  
All of us at VNC would like to thank you for your support and please stay safe during these difficult times.

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