Progression CLA easyJet

22 nov. 2017
Collectively we wanted to provide you with an update as to where we currently are in our progression towards a CLA for our cabin crew in the Netherlands.
After a meeting on Monday 20th November with both easyJet and VNC representatives, it was agreed that we would issue a joint statement to you as opposed to separate communications.
Everyone that took part in the meeting today acknowledged that it is better to work together, methodically, to try to reach a conclusion on behalf of our crew and for the future of our base in Amsterdam. The meeting was open and amicable between both parties.  
The meeting was an opportunity for both parties to make progress and understand some of the key priorities which you have indicated are most important. We intend to move matters along as quickly as possible. Each party is examining each others proposal carefully, and we have common ground between us.
The teams involved commit to continue to have constructive dialogue and informing you as soon as we have progress to update you with.
As always, if you have any questions, concerns or feedback please liaise directly with your base management team or the VNC representatives ( Ron Sneijder and Davy Haverhals) at

Ron Sneijder
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