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16 feb. 2018
On February 13th 2018, the VNC and easyJet have announced a tentative agreement covering almost 200 Cabin Crew based in Amsterdam.
When approved by the members, the following new pay scales will go in effect per March 1, 2018.

FA under 22   total compensation     € 27,890
FA year 1        total compensation     € 29,000
FA year 2        total compensation     € 30,126
CM year 1       total compensation     € 32,460
CM year 2       total compensation     € 33,577

Note: The total compensation is made up of basic pay, an average sector of 350 sectors flown per year, sales commission, performance bonus and the yearly 8% yearly vacation allowance. This is an average of a typical flight attendant and Cabin Manager, based in Amsterdam. The actual figures can change due to the personal situation of each cabin crew member. The figures for sector pay, commission and performance bonuses taken from actual flying and are used as an example only.

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