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Europeans for Fair Competition: Calls for competitive & sustainable aviation industry on global level

22 okt. 2021
E4FC supports the ambition of the European Commission to reduce carbon emissions but sees the need to introduce smart measures. This is necessary to ensure fair competition in aviation and avoid competitive distortion and carbon leakage.

The so called ‘Fit for 55 package’ was presented to EU environment and climate change ministers in July 2021. But the introduction of fuel taxes would merely have a marginal positive impact on the environment by reducing demand. Therefore the members* of E4FC strongly oppose the taxation system because it does not contribute to the objective of effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Such a tax does not make the (future) flights more sustainable. Read more in this position paper.

Negative consequences of tax
EU airlines are committed to effective, sustainable solutions and are ready to directly invest in sustainable fuels and new, environmentally friendly aircraft that are at the heart of decarbonising the industry. But the design of this tax leads governments to take away financial resources from the airlines that could otherwise be allocated to this cause, but instead it will be detrimental to the global competitiveness of the EU aviation industry, including its jobs. A tax may result in unintended negative consequences such as detours and consequently higher CO2 emissions.

*More information E4FC
Europeans for Fair Competition (E4FC) is a coalition of European airlines and unions representing airline employees fighting for fair competition and high social standards with the objective to safeguard European aviation, European jobs and to sustain connectivity for Europe’s citizens. For further information please contact info@e4fc.eu.


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