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22 nov. 2017
Vandaag heeft easyJet laten weten dat we in December onze perfomance bonus krijgen. We krijgen 80% van onze bonus, omdat de OTP (On Time Performance) niet gehaald was. Een 100% bonus zou twee weken basis salaris zijn geweest (3.85%), maar dit wordt dus 80%. De volledige tekst in het Engels volgt onder dit bericht.

Today easyJet has let us know that in December we will be receiving out annual performance bonus. We will receive 80% of our bonus, due to the fact that the OTP (On time performance) was not met. A 100% bonus would have meant  a payment of 2 weeks of basic salary (3.85%). But this will be now 80%.
The entire text from easyJet will be published in English.
“Following Carolyn’s announcement to the city regarding our FY17 performance, we’re now able to confirm exactly what these results mean for you.
Your bonus award is made up of four elements – PBT, OTP, GLB and CSAT. PBT makes up 40% of your bonus and the other three elements each make up 20% of your bonus. Whether you receive the full percentage amount for each measure depends on how we’ve performed in that measure. Achieving all measures On Target and receiving 100% of your bonus would amount to two weeks (3.85%) of the basic salary you received this financial year.
Our full operational performance for FY17 in the Netherlands is as follows:
On Target
PBT (network)
We exceeded our expectation for profit before tax (PBT). This is great news as it means the PBT portion of your bonus (40% of your total bonus award) will pay out On Target.
You’ve managed to achieve CSAT and GLB in the Netherlands and each of these parts of your bonus (20% each) will also pay out On Target. This was only possible because of your hard work and commitment to delivering a truly world class customer service, so a big well done and thank you from me.
Unfortunately, we didn’t meet our OTP target in the Netherlands. This means that you won’t receive any payment for that portion of your bonus (20% of the total award). I appreciate this might be disappointing for you. You don’t need me to tell you how difficult our operating environment can be. Despite our best efforts, sometimes it just doesn’t work out for us.
You’ll therefore receive 80% of your On Target bonus opportunity.

Overall it’s been a good year for us and a lot of our performance is ultimately down to you, so I’m really happy to be able to share news of your bonus award.
To be eligible for this award, you need to have been employed before 1 July 2017 and have not given notice of your intention to leave the company at the date of payment, which will be with your December salary. There’s more detail in your Bonus Scheme Rules and Conditions, which can found on your Base page.”

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