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Hi all!

An update from us at the VNC. On Thursday we had our monthly meeting with the company where we addressed some issues that have been raised by our members. One hot topic was the talk of AMS base becoming a rescue base. Management has given the VNC an official response on this matter.
There are no plans at the moment to turn AMS into a rescue base according to management. There have been talks about this matter in the past which have been halted. We understand that some crew have a preference for night stops and others do not. We advise you to take full advantage of iBid for your roster preferences.  
We know that understanding anything roster related can be tricky sometimes. That’s why we are always open to receiving your questions and concerns to help you out. Sometimes we are able to answer your questions immediately but due to the complexity of our rosters, we quite often have to refer you to management as they are your first point of contact.
To ensure that you get an answer to your query as soon as possible, we ask you to send your queries to AMS management via AMSCabinCrew@easyjet.com. Feel free to CC Sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline to keep us in the loop.
Leave bidding 
To stay in the realm of rosters: please do not forget to put in your leave bid before it closes on Monday 28 November at 10.00 L! Anything related to leave can be found on the Crew Annual Leave Hub. Do not hesitate to reach out to the AMS Leave Super User, Fons Timmer (Fons.Timmer@easyJet.com) as he will be in the base office to answer your questions and help you to maximize your bids.
CLA negotiations  
As communicated before we have started the CLA negotiations. The atmosphere during the meetings has been good thus far. We have been able to clearly convey the message of our members and which results we are looking for. This has so far led to productive discussions, and we look forward to continuing our course.  
We are very proud of the results that we have negotiated in the past and we are absolutely confident that we will be able to reach a satisfactory result for our members.
easyJet section membership meeting
On Tuesday 13 December a membership meeting will be held for our easyJet members from 14:00 to 16:00L at the VNC office at Schiphol Oost. On Wednesday we sent out the agenda for the membership meeting. One of the items on the agenda is an update on the CLA negotiations. You can sign up for the membership meeting via this link. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Feel free to reach out to us! We are here for all of your questions, comments and remarks. Via email, WhatsApp and of course onboard. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

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VNC easyJet section
Farah, Dino and Davide

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