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Dear members,

We would like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to express their support and gratitude to us lately. This really means a lot and gives us the motivation to keep pushing and going. Feel free to approach us with any of your questions whenever you see us at work. We will always try to make time for you to listen and look for solutions if needed.
You can  easily get in touch with us via sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl, the VNC easyJet WhatsApp service (+31 6 48 17 55 96) or by calling the VNC office (+31 (0)20 50 20 480). When you call our union office outside of office hours your call will be transferred to the representative that is on call at that moment. For the next two weeks that will be Dino.

Schiphol cancellations
During the monthly meeting we have once again addressed our concerns regarding the cancellations forced on easyJet by Schiphol due to lack of staff and what the potential consequences could be for our members. easyJet protects base flying wherever possible and is confident rosters will be balanced out with the roster optimizer that will always look at a three-month period.  
easyJet has stated that during their latest meeting with Schiphol, the airport management has been carefully optimistic. They expect to have all of their challenges sorted out before the start of our summer 2023 schedule. We will stay alert and in talks with the company.  
In regard to the future environmental reductions of flight movements at Schiphol, we are happy to inform you that this will not have an impact on AMS base flying.  

Extended tripping
For the upcoming winter months the company had plans to trip in cabin crew from seasonal bases for an extended period of time, to support with AMS operations. Given the current circumstances at Schiphol and the amount of new entrants that are scheduled to join the base in the upcoming months, management has stated that this is no longer required.

Stock issues catering
We have raised the issues with the stock levels in the bars. According to the company the general stock levels are at over 90%, but we are especially lacking teas and cappuccino for quite a while now. We find it very concerning that we cannot offer these items to our passengers as they are top selling items. All biologically sourced products, like the teas and orange juice, require a bio-license to import them to the mainland. It might take a while to get licensed and therefore we have requested to temporarily get locally sourced products. The company claims to be working on both ends, getting the Bio-license and looking at other options but this might still take up to eight weeks. Please keep logging all missed sales whenever you have to disappoint a customer.  

Roster meeting
On the third of November we have a meeting with the head of the Rostering department to discuss everything roster related. We have been receiving signals from our members that they have issues picking up flights from Open Flight Bidding in e-Crew. We will be raising this during the meeting. If you have any roster related questions that you would like us to raise on your behalf feel free to reach out to us.
CLA negotiations
On Friday the 14th of October we have sent our CLA proposal to the company and Monday the 17th we have shared it with you. That day we got confirmation from easyJet that the proposal was received in good order and they would follow with meeting dates soon.  
We are looking forward to productive but fierce negotiations to get the absolute best deal for you as our members. We have shared the live stream in our Facebook group, VNC easyJet AMS Cabin Crew and it still up. If you have any questions or would like some more information about our proposal feel free to reach out to us.  

VNC easyJet Info WhatsApp group
In approach to the upcoming CLA negotiations we will be adding two receiving only WhatsApp groups for members of the easyJet section to our communication channels. One in Dutch and one in English. The goal of these WhatsApp groups is to relay information quickly to our members. Membership for the WhatsApp groups is by invitation only per request of our members. If you would like to join the VNC easyJet Info WhatsApp group feel free to subscribe?via this link.  

VNC easyJet section board
Farah, Dino and Davide

Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

Constellation Building
Stationsplein N.O. 406
1117 CL Schiphol-Oost

+31 (0)20 - 50 20 480
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