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We would like to thank everyone for applying for the position of kaderlid to support us in the coming months. We are busy scheduling interviews and will update you all by September 21 on who will ultimately hold this position. We are looking forward to a breath of fresh air, new insights and the necessary help and are confident that the right person will be among them. We would like to clarify that a kaderlid will not conduct actual negotiations and will not be involved in representing members during, for example, a disciplinary matter.  

CLA timeline
As indicated, we have started collecting data and making the necessary preparations for the collective bargaining negotiations. The first survey has been sent to you by email and we are asking everyone to fill in as many surveys as possible, this will help us to identify what is most important to you. We will use the surveys, info sessions and livestreams to make a framework. This framework contains everything we want to introduce and improve in the new CLA. You as members have a full say in what will be in our first proposal to easyJet, we have absolutely nothing off the table or decided that something will or will not be in it contrary to some rumors. The deadline to send the first proposal to easyJet is early October, so you can expect a lot of info sessions, livestreams and surveys from us in the near future.  

Commuter letters
Commuter letter requests will from now on be dealt with centrally. They will no longer be issued by base management. Commuter letters can only be requested via the ‘Commuter Travel’ form on the Connected portal, you can also find the terms and conditions there.

iPad refresh
Between November 2022 and March 2023 all company iPads will be replaced with a newer version. This will be via home delivery by courier. More information will be shared via company channels in due time.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by email or WhatsApp!

Board members easyJet section
Farah van Keeken and Dino Brunst

+31 6 48 17 55 96
FB: VNC easyJet AMS Cabin Crew


Vereniging Nederlands Cabinepersoneel VNC

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