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Hi all,

We are already publishing our third newsletter. We do hope you enjoy the new look and feel of this new way we are communicating with you. As we are always looking for new ways to communicate with our members we have introduced walk-in days for the easyJet section in June and we are looking forward to many more. In this newsletter we will give you a brief summary of the eCG meeting we attended and the most important topic of this months’ monthly meeting.

eCG meeting
On Monday the 27th of June the VNC joined the easyJet Cabin Crew Group (eCG) in Hangar 89 in Luton for a meeting with the easyJet Airline Management Board (AMB). This meeting was highly requested by the eCG as we wanted to voice our concerns about the issues that our members have vocalized before and during the ramp up for Summer. The AMB was open to our critique and suggestions and they are committed to looking into all of the concerns that we have voiced.
The main goal for the eCG during this meeting was to discuss a loyalty scheme for the cabin crew. All across the network our members have showed their commitment to the company and we strongly believe that this should be recognized. The AMB has asked the eCG for examples of possible schemes and rewards. These were presented to the AMB and are now taken into consideration. Due to the nature of loyalty schemes some of these are subjected to local CLA’s and discussions on a local level need to be held.
The eCG plans to meet again in September to keep the discussions on loyalty and other business ongoing.
This is a brief summary of all that has been discussed during the meeting. If you have a question about a certain topic don’t hesitate to email or text us on the WhatsApp service for more information.
Walk-in days easyJet section July
On the 6th and the 29th of July you are all welcome to walk into the VNC office from 10.00 to 16.00h. We will update you on current events or just have a casual chat and a cup of coffee (or a cool drink if the weather is gracious to us). Can’t make it? Don’t be alarmed. We will schedule walk in days twice a month for our members. On the walk in days you can also sent us a text or call us on the WhatsApp service. We are also available for a videocall on Teams.

Monthly meeting
In the last few months we have received a lot of questions and requests from our members about commuter letters and we have sent the company a letter to ask for clarification in regard to issuing the letters. During the monthly meeting AMS management provided the VNC with the terms and conditions of the commuter letter. Please be reminded that commuter letters are not issued by the VNC. They are only issued by local base management. We have listed the terms and conditions below:

Commuter Letter Terms and Conditions
A “yellow” staff ticket must be purchased if available (6 hours before the planned departure of the flight), on
the staff travel website.  If not available you do not need to purchase a standby ticket.
You cannot check in a bag when flying on a commuter letter, unlike on a regular staff ticket (for a fee).
You can only commute on previously agreed route pairings.
Commuter letters are issued on a city pair.
In the case of no direct flights, the registration of two routes is permitted to connect to a base, which means
that commuter letters will only be issued to one destination (regardless of the amount of flights per day, or days these flights operate).  In case you live between two destinations, you can only choose one route.  If there are no direct flights you can choose a “via” routing.
You must either have your main residence at the place you are commuting from / to or your spouse
(husband, wife, domestic/civil partner) and / or children must live there: parents are not eligible.
If an employee transfers to a new base and needs to continue to use the facility, he/she must re-register at
the new base and will be given the next available priority number.
Commuter must carry commuter letter, passport and ID with them at all times.
Uniform must be worn when flying on a commuter letter.  If a seat becomes available in the cabin
commuting crew should remove obvious items of uniform (jackets, scarfs, ties, epaulettes etc) as per current guidance.
Access to the flight deck jump seat on commander’s discretion.
Abuse of this privilege will be viewed as gross misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly.
It is not allowed to fly on a commuter letter whilst being away from work sick.
It is your own responsibility to be back at base for your duty.
Legally required rest times must be adhered to when commuting
This facility may be removed at any time by easyJet.  Any effect on OTP will immediately deem this process
as redundant

If you believe you have unjustly been denied a commuter letter please don’t hesitate to let the VNC know.

In Augustus we will start sending surveys to inquire our members needs and wants for the next round of CLA negotiations. We are always open to receive your suggestions. Feel free to email us at sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl.

Board of easyJet section
Farah van Keeken and Dino Brunst

VNC easyJet WhatsApp Service: +31 6 4817 5596

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