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Roster meeting
On Monday the 23th of May we had our first bi-monthly roster meeting for this year with Sarah Twigg (Crew Planning – Rostering Manager) to discuss the concerns that you have raised about your rosters. We have also sent a survey out to all of our members to get a better insight into your roster concerns. Almost half of our membership has filled out the roster survey. Thank you very much for taking your time to fill out the survey.

In our first roster survey we asked a few questions in regards to fatigue. This has been a recurring topic amongst the concerns we receive from our members. In the last 3 months 26% of the respondents have filled a fatigue concern and 52% of the respondents have reported fatigue. 3,5% of the respondents that have reported fatigue state that they have had a meeting to discuss their fatigue levels. 36% of the respondents that had a meeting scheduled with management felt supported by base management.

During the meeting we have raised our concerns in regards to fatigue and roster instability. Sarah has stated that the rosters in AMS are getting more stable and has provided us with data on roster stability. Roster stability has improved and for April 2022 it has been 87%. This is an improvement in comparison to February 2022 (71%) and March 2022 (72%).
We were assured that 3-1-3 blocks are only assigned in extreme circumstances and we will see then diminish and eventually disappear when the final batches of new entrants will be operative. We shared both our and the Concerned Crew survey results with Sarah and conveyed everyone's concerns. Roster meetings are scheduled every 2 months and we aim to share more surveys with you to grasp your concerns even better. During our next CLA negotiations we will be asking for roster related agreements and we will be asking for your input. Please keep sending us your questions and concerns you have in relation to your roster so that we can keep track of everything.
Monthly meeting
During our monthly meeting on Friday we have discussed several items. A brief overview of the most important topics:

Three crew complement A319 operations
We have received questions and concerns from our members in regards to operating on the A319 with three crew. The company has stated that for summer they might make use of the opportunity to operate with three crew members in the cabin of the A319 aircrafts. Seat blockers would then be used to block six cabin seats, ensuring a maximum of 150 pax per aircraft. We currently have four A319 aircrafts in AMS. According to easyJet this would add 12 cabin crew back into the standby pool with as a result creating more stable rosters for summer. We have raised our concerns in regards to increased workload. The company has agreed to monitor fatigue levels. Currently there is no start date for operating with 3 crew. The company will keep us informed and we will do the same for our members.
Availability Leave department
We have received complaints about the response time to emails by the Leave team. The Leave team is currently dealing with a backlog of emails, therefore delaying the response time. In the next few weeks the Leave team will add a new Leave officer to the team and hopefully this will resolve the delay in response time. If you have urgent questions in regards to leave please contact base management.
Changes to extended duties in Trip Trades
From the 30th of May all extended duties that require additional rest have been removed from the Trip Trades system. This means that it will not be possible to drop or swap these duties. The company has stated that it is extremely difficult to re-crew these duties due to the fact that that more rest is required than regular duties. Meaning that in most cases entire blocks of duties would have to be swapped to allocate an extended duty to crew. This causes roster instability and late notice changes. These extended duties are allocated based on what crew have operated in their block of duties, ensuring that these duties are shared and spread out evenly amongst crew.
Concerned Crew
A few members of the party going by the name of Concerned Crew have accepted our invitation for a meeting with the VNC. We were very pleased to meet them and to discuss the results of the survey that they made and distributed amongst AMS cabin crew. We will stay in contact with Concerned Crew about topics that concern our members and our base. The initiators of the survey have requested to remain anonymous.

Goodwill Payment AMS
On the 13th of May we informed our members that AMS cabin crew will receive a goodwill payment of € 200 in their June pay to compensate the loss of commission due to low stock and other catering issues. The company has stated that they are committed to resolving the catering issues as soon as possible. Please keep raising any issues you come across with catering through the proper channels. All reports are read and processed for future improvements to catering.
Feel free to send us an email to sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl or a text via our VNC easyJet WhatsApp service at +31648175596.


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