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We are very excited to publish our first digital newsletter! Although we will miss the VNC magazine, we are glad to be able to share the latest news and developments within the AMS base and the easyJet section at the VNC quicker than we used to.

A few of you have seen us in base last Friday as we had our monthly meeting with local management. We will take you through a few of the items that were on our agenda.

We are welcoming more and more new entrants to our base and we are very happy to have you all in AMS! 69 new entrants have joined us to date and there are 23 more to follow before the end of June. Unfortunately some are on NO ID CTB on their rosters. NO ID CTB stands for “No ID contactable”. Their ID’s can be issued due to the fact that their back checks have not been completed by the back check offices. As a result these new entrants can’t operate yet. This would normally have financial implications. We have negotiated with the company that since this is not at the employees fault, they should not be penalized, and therefore they will receive AVP (average variable pay) for the days that they are on NO ID CTB on their rosters.

All new entrants were initially offered a contract until the end of October, but these will now be extended to a year.

We have been getting complaints about crewing officers being rude to you or have made threats during calls. This is not acceptable and we urge everyone with a bad crewing experience to send their complaints to local management for it to be investigated. We have also received complaints from our members about getting duties scheduled on guaranteed days off (GDO, D/O, LVE) on their published rosters. Local management has stated that these were isolated incidents that since then have been resolved.

In the past few weeks a survey has been created and distributed amongst cabin crew by a party going by the name of Concerned Crew. They have shared the results with the VNC. Even though we are aware of the challenges in our base, the outcome of their survey shows us the severity of the current situation and the sentiment amongst crew.

We are very thankful for their efforts and have invited them to meet with us to engage in a constructive, informative and open dialogue to fully grasp the underlying needs of our AMS based crew and members even more. They have for now not accepted our invitation, but our invitation still stands and we are looking forward to meeting them.  The VNC has always been open to conversation, suggestions and feedback from our members and welcome any form thereof. Feel free to send us an email to sectiebestuur.easyjet@vnconline.nl or a text via our VNC easyJet WhatsApp service at +31648175596.

Andere topics (niet gerelateerd aan het cabine overleg)

Last week we have all received our first pay with the pay raise after the pay freeze. Next month you will see an additional increase as variable pay is always paid a month in arrears. Visit www.vncezyams.com to calculate your pay.

To stay on the topic of pay; All operating crew will receive a one off payment of € 1200 in their October 2022 pay slip. This Goodwill payment is a gesture from easyJet to thank us for our hard work during the upcoming busy summer.

On the 23rd of May we will have our bi-monthly roster meeting. Due to the pandemic they were temporarily postponed by the company. We are looking forward to picking this up again as we know that our members have a lot of questions and concerns about their rosters. If you have any roster related issues or questions you would like us to address on your behalf please send us an email on this topic before the 16th of May.

ICAS Hub app
easyJet has relaunched the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Since the 4th of April you can gain access to content that is personalized to your health and wellbeing goals in an app. The ICAS Hub app is now available in the App Store and Google Play.  Select “ICAS HUB” in your app store and download the app free of charge. The code for easyJet employees and members of their household to gain access to the content in the ICAS Hub app is: EasyJetHub22. If you are dealing with any issues or are in need of immediate support please don't hesitate to use the 24 hour confidential helpline in the app.

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