Another (intermedeate) election is imminent for the easyJet section, this time for the Works Council (OR). There are 3 seats available for cabin crew in the OR, for the period untill June 13th 2018. We have 6 VNC candidates. The actual elections for the Works Council will be held in October 2017.

Background elections Works Council
Members of the Works Council are colleagues that are committed to the wellbeing of their colleagues and for this purpose monitor easyJet business management. They represent the different groups of functions within easyJet (cabin crew, cockpit crew and ground staff), have a monthly meet up with the Amsterdam management to discuss labour conditions and strategic decisions that are important for the easyJet Amsterdam base. The Works Council is committed to a company-wide social personnel policy, health, safety, wellbeing and reintegration. That demands a broad view of all Council members, but the members that act on behalf of cabin crew and VNC must obviously have a special interest in the impact of aforementioned subjects on the easyJet cabin crew. They work within the limits of the different labour agreements and guard those limits. They are however not responsible for constructing  labour agreements, that is the job of a union, like VNC.

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